Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perception is eveything

Perception is everything.

Though you shouldn't judge a person by their appearances.
If you are consistently encountering the same kind of reaction from people
You can't help but ask yourself "what is it in my projection that is affecting your perception " 
If it is true, that what we put out, is what we get back
Then our lives are a reflection of who we truly are
Because the energy that we are receiving, is our OWN 

I want to try something different, I want to evolve my way of thinking, 
To put the right energy out into the world, to create a more aware life
Because everything we come in contact with, we impact in one way or another, 

The matter of how big or small that impact is, is insignificant. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a natural

Some people are SO easy to work with
SO easy to photograph
and also fun... this young lady was unique in that way.
Please working with you Miss. A :)

Rain Drops...

Rain drops falling on my shoulder,
   Soaking, dripping off my nose,
tear stained cheeks, blend into the rain,
   laughter and reality, it all looks the same...
smile together, WE feel no pain
   sanity lost, can't remember your name.

Rain drops falling on my shoulder,
   Sun beating down on my face,
I can't dry fast enough, chilled to the bone,
  Don't remember when I might of known,
They way we are, the way we were...
    ideals shattered, they all seem the same

Rain drops falling on my shoulder,
   The warmth of you, so close,
Drowning like never before,
    but not gasping for air...
Are we all different
   you seem different in the rain...

Rain drops falling on my shoulder,
   The concrete seems to remember my face
insult to injury, i can still think
    eyes open wide, I can still see
hands pressed together, shouting for nothing
    Reality so clear, it comforts the pain

Rain drops falling on my shoulder,
    Heart racing so loud I can't hear,
The beat, drowning out my words,
    I could of sworn that beat, wasn't my own
I can't be sure, Its not quite clear
    But I still think, I'd do it again
Rain drops falling on my shoulders,
   I close my eyes, pretend I feel nothing,
The pain is deep, but so are we,
   Its doesn't end, either do we
Stripped of all my masks, standing alone in the rain,
   My dream world, quickly dissipates
Its like one by one, it all falls in a place
   I'll smile for you, and for you too
Sanity lost... can't remember my name

Do you know me? know my name?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Internal pain of the heart can seem like the worst kind of pain,
   More so than physical pain and mental pain
Dehabilitating ... bring the strongest person to their knees... 
   Why do we hurt those who love us most???
Maybe that which we need is what we truly fear and push away?
Maybe we are such selfish human creatures, we only think of ourselves?
Maybe we are blind, Maybe we are so detached from our own feelings, 
    we sure cant relate to other peoples feelings?? 
Maybe this... Maybe that... Maybe this....
 or maybe everything is just as it seems.
The human condition. suffering. 
   It seems like so many of us are suffering, what is the cause? 
   What is the solution... 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

food love

Tonights dinner was made from the freshest ingredients
from the lovely wine, 
to the fresh basil and rosemary from the garden,
a lot of care went into this meal, 
the chopping, and slicing, dicing, and sautéing .... 

I started with steaming the kale, and the wild rice separately 
until the Kale was firm but tender, 
In a separate pan, I combined olive oil, garlic and fresh basil
cooking just look enough for the garlic to infuse the oil with its flavor and aroma
then I added the Kale and stirred until well mixed

For the Salmons sauce/gravy I started with onions and leeks on med/high
in some coconut oil, 
cooked until tender about 5 min. 
then added the mushrooms,
when they just started to brown
I used 2 tbls of wheat flour and stirred until it just started to brown
adding the wine now... so it is rich with flavor, 
and then of course 1/2 cup of coconut milk ( unsweetened)
turning the temp down to low, 
I added the green onions and tomatoes to the sauce stirring occasionally 

I broiled the salmon in the oven about 5 min on each side
with lemon, lemon oil, and lemon pepper

And... poof. 
I healthy well balanced meal, full of fresh vegetables,
nutritious and delicious,
you can tell a lot about how I'm feeling, according to how I cook...

Tonight I cooked with love. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

emotional "needs" ?

How do I purge myself of my selfish emotional needs?
Are they really needs because if they are not met will i DIE? 
No. I will not die.
But maybe my emotional "needs" can be met, WITHOUT
my emotional needs being in control of my life. 
I want to be so much STRONGER than my emotions.
Emotions are good,
they keep us in touch, empathetic, 
they keep us HUMAN.
However, those are unselfish examples.
At this time in my life, 
as a single mother, business woman, 
who has overcome many struggles, head high, eyes open.
I find myself succumbing to selfish emotional needs. 
I have never felt the way that i do, 
though i must admit I have been guilty of 
letting my emotions make some of my choices instead of my logic,
now as a GROWN WOMAN I do realize the importance 
of consulting BOTH
Deep connection, strong emotion,.
Love, may make your knees weaken
and your senses heighten...
I would say my physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual senses
are indeed at one of their highest points.
I've never "FELT" how i currently
 quite honestly I'm trying to get my bearings 
and figure out where to plant my feet,
I KNOW they belong on the ground.
and I AM STRONGER than my emotions,
if ANYTHING.. my heart... should STRENGTHEN me
not weaken me.
 and It is just ONE MORE TOOL, in need of nurturing and growth
so that it may be used correctly 
and to its fullest potential

what are your thoughts... on overcoming your emotional needs
or making sure you keep them in check.
Does your heart run you?
or do you run your heart?

Friday, June 1, 2012

in the news today

Life is meant to bring pain,
out of tears grows new life and change, 
A deeper purpose is in all of us
individually, uniquely, creatively, UNCONDITIONALLY
Never knowing what tomorrow will bring
a chance for
Loyalty, Courage, Strength, Wisdom
In the news was devastation,
terror, sorrow and slain
Heavy heart full of questions
and feelin a bit



The heart breaks in so many ways ....

Dixon Fruit Market

I came across this beautiful Farm on the way out of Cali,
Organically grown, and local, 

Don't these look delicious?!

They also grew pistachios, 
and had ever flavor you could imagine, 
I planned on getting quite a few flavors, 
but I left with arms full of fruit instead

The man that runs the show, 
very kind, and informative

My last look at Cali, 
from the side of the freeway

This beautiful organic farm, 
really just made me want a garden more, 
with fresh everything, 
organic all the way...
nutritious and delicious... 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Seafood Lasagna

 I have been on the hunt for really good italian food, 
And, if you know me, 
you know I LOVE seafood,
In hopes of some good seafood we wandered into this restaurant
and I was pleasantly surprised by the italian food.

This is a seafood lasagna,
the bottom layer is crab in a red sauce,
the middle layer in-between the noodles is shrimp in a pesto sauce
and the top layer was fresh fish in a white sauce,
this MELTED in my mouth, 

 I wish I had taken more pictures in the beautiful Santa Cruz while I was there
there is always next time

The seagull wanted to be in the picture, 
So I thought he should get his shot... 
Wish I had seen him coming, or even been prepared

The last stop up highway ONE, 
which happens to be my very favorite highway, 
as of now

Sometimes its not what you look at, 
its what you see. 
Who you're with, can affect WHAT you see....
I saw beauty... all around me
next time I'll snap it

Friday, May 18, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Truth is.....

Find myself thinking... contemplating
then i came across a memory, and reading those words,
made me remember, truth is...
I gotta lot of growing to do, I'm still finding my way, 
it cant be impossible, to accomplish something you truly believe, 
I wanna be more than me....

My words were a wish I wrote, 
believing in the power of thought,
in a moment of TRUTH and clarity...

Truth is....
I wish for a true love, life and happiness, 
for peace to flow freely from within,
For Patience, wisdom, understanding and acceptance,
For guidance toward a higher consciousness,
To be less selfish and have a more clear perspective.
To love myself as well as others 
To become at peace with my inner self,
so the war with my words may be eliminated, 
Hopes of clarity and unity
Sight, so that I may see the true truth for what it really is,
and not for what it could be
Vision, so that I may make a path towards it,
Smell, so that I may experience taste with intensity,
Taste, So that I may differentiate, 
Wellness, for a life full of knowledge and wealth of the soul, 
and of course for 

The crazy thing is, I wrote this months ago, 
And the power of conscious thought is.... something else. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fight for whats RIGHT

I know we can't change the world,
but WE can make a difference,
This is just one voice,
imagine if we ALL chipped in,
Reach a lil bit farther,
talk a lil more softer,
try a little bit harder,
think a little more often,
and what could we accomplish,
something different for our children,
since we SAY they're the future,
lets give them a fighting chance...
theres too much coming at them,
schools telling them how to think,
even telling them what to be,
tv telling them what to see,
A government telling them what to EAT
Why don't we fight, for whats RIGHT
I know Im not the only one thinking this way

If we were meant to think, When'd we stop THINKING

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Thinking bout truth and frame of mind,
constant distractions...
Thinking bout why, and whats "time",
minor delays,
Thinking bout people and how they lie,
obvious deception,
Thinking bout love and the way it heals,
deep devotion,
Thinking bout reality and what it is,
altered perceptions,
Thinking bout the people and the way we live,
consumer nation,
Thinking bout hate and how it spreads,
fear is the fuel,
but can anyone explain how its bred?

Thinking bout YOU....

Wondering whats goin on in your head


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Its funny how we come to conclusions about the way things are
based on our perception without going out into the world
and figuring it out for ourselves,
like how things " should" be, how people " should" talk , if you do "this" then it means "that" but what about looking at things through your own eyes,
with your own mind and coming to your own conclusions.
Thinkin is not overrated and your way of life is under debated,
seeing something for what it truly Is, not what it should, could, would be,
eyes wide open vs eyes wide shut, aware,
and conscious and coming to our own conclusions...
Asking yourself WHY ?
Why have I adopted this point of view,
WHY do I think it " should" be a certain way....
Maybe life doesnt fit into a box of rules,
capabale of forming our OWN opinions,
on how we want our OWN lives governed
by societies perceptions and dictations,
maybe just maybe we
capable of forming our OWN opinions,
how we want our OWN lives to be,
for whatever reason that is our

Saturday, April 7, 2012

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth.

--Mahatma Gandhi--
I seek the truth

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent

-- Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We thought we'd raise a generation
of independent thinking,
All hours of the day, watching other people NOT thinking,
Dont you feel a sense of failure
when you look around,
We ALL need to make a change and get active
there's a WHOLE world waiting,
waiting on life, waiting on your ideas for a better time,
"I aint goin let greed consume you
you're so much stronger than that"
Stay true to yourself,
I SEE who you ARE

and I keep thinking
" If we were meant to think... WHEN'd we stop THINKING"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Road trip REAL Trip

On a great trip I saw a lot and learned a lot,
in more ways than one,

Shared space with a very intelligent, unique, refreshing beautiful soul,

checked out the local spots

And came across beauty in unexpected places
(this man was so sweet, he has been shining shoes for 20 yrs,
with those honest eyes and genuine smile
He clearly knows something I do not)

Treasure island

And it reminded me of somewhere I've been before
but I couldn't quite put my finger on it

the bay bridge and caught it, even on a gloomy day
Tasted new food

And enjoyed old food...

But overall the most amazing thing to come out of this trip

which is priceless...
Wish I had captured THAT


Im looking at the world and wondering what Im seeing,
a different thought,
a different kind of being

In a world of opposition called freedom,
Whats the alternative to WAR ON EARTH,

If we were meant to think,
When'd we stop thinking?
When'd we close our eyes,
and stop even seein,
Tell me what theres left if they can't SEE either,
through all the lies and hate
whats left to believe in?
If we can't change whats the point of reason
If we can't GROW
then why need seasons???


Saturday, March 31, 2012

sweet 16 with so much style

What beautiful young ladies,
its hard to believe
that they are only 16
so much fun to work with :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



I dont mean some new shoes,
a car, shit... anything material,
I mean all of those around us,
As I look around I see so many suffering
So many people in emotional pain,
and why
in todays time and age
do none of us extend a hand...
an ear
a heart

entire lives are being lived in WAR ZONES
Children are being raped of their innocence around the world,
people, young and old are starving to death,
with no hope in sight....
people struggling to keep their families alive
and Woman, that center of human life, the carrier, the giver, the nurturer
living in a constant state of disrespect, objectification, perversion,
and in this world we are not worried about anyone but ourselves....

Maybe it is just easier to turn a blind eye,
live in ignorance,
maybe it is just easier to say " it is their own fault"
or pretend that this does not exist...
Maybe it disturbs your idea of a perfect life,
Maybe it shatters your facade
maybe it just doesnt fit into your little box that you call life

Why dont we care enough to do anything???
Is this the human race?
Death and destruction to all????

if enough of us are willing to be the EXCEPTION
it will soon become the RULE.
we set the standard

United we stand... divided we FAIL

When everyone in the city sleeps....

For me... when the people in the city sleep
the city itself comes alive

Late night walks,
self heard talks,

Colors so bright,
They come alive at night..

Thoughts so clear
The world could hear

If only you'd listen
you would see what your missin....

another utah sunset

Caught this out the car window,
cruisin down the freeway
something so beautiful
make you forget that time is flying by

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Finding myself lost in my heart and consumed with thought,
you could be what you seem, or it could be that youre not
a beautiful mind, with conception of time,
reality and rawness wrapped up in your grind
passion and hope, with a mind for the future,
love for our people, and thoughts for a whole,
instead of in a world of "ME"
you're seeing a common goal... good for all
with each minute that passes I see something new,
something I wasnt sure even existed, I see in you
This whole situation has got me questioning
Trying to sort out what I really believe in
the core is the there, but the details arent clear
I gave up on this whole feeling and traded it for the world,
a hope for a better one, and nothin but love for the fuel,
Searching for answers and questions that never end,
when you speak... they start to make sense
you're more than a man, you're a friend of man
man kind, mother earth and father time

Thursday, March 15, 2012

this woman, has no idea that she is beautiful!

And that makes her so much more beautiful
CHEERS to inner beauty
as it always radiates

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I LOVE to run.... it helps me clear my mind... I've be inspired, uninspired and inspired this time....
since you can't read my mind, Ill give you a glimpse.. THIS time

I have a purpose in life, So I feel everyONE
can't say what it means but i know its someTHING
or I wouldn't have this past,
that makes pain last, fresh in my heart
I see your eyes, can't hide them from ME
They tell your story and through everything,
I see your struggle and see you fighting,
For whats RIGHT,for whats on your MIND,
for the way of the world that's changing with time,
Hold my hand
and together we'll walk
close your mouth
and together we'll talk
open your eyes
and together we'll see
YOU... YOU... and YOU
Bring the better in me
it is through our struggle, that we can achieve,
I higher level of thinking a more conscious of being
Give me strength and a season,
Give me RHYME and a REASON
take me straight to the top
U can't fake these thoughts
Give me time and a mind,
There aint a moment in life, I would trade with mine
I'll give you time to believe
In what you finding in me,
Your beautiful mind, will also grow with these times.

-Craving Depth

thankYOU for your time
you inspire my mind

Saturday, March 3, 2012

a moment

Tears stain my face for those lost,
So little we knew
So much gone
Families torn from their loved ones,
Hearts in pain,
with a quiet dawn
a wake of cries
in the path of death and destruction
it came so fast
And left so much
fear... pain... ache... and regret

We place so much value on what we can buy,
But what we can buy, can be bought again...
THAT which we cannot
will be what we truly miss

As far as I know, I knew not one
But they're in my heart, as though I was ripped apart

A moment of silence for them today
As i close my eyes
and wish I prayed
My heart aches

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A tribute to Ms. Monroe

Sometimes we SAY too little, and sometimes we SAY too much,
but sometimes
we say nothing at all,
And we've said JUST ENOUGH

We wanted to do a small tribute to miss Monroe
This was my vision...
I LOVE how it came out

Monday, February 27, 2012


Reminiscing on what love was like back then,
Every slow jam seemed to take the words from my heart
I could feel it so deep,
Like the love running through me...
didnt it seem like we would never grow old,
and everything was so intense
those first tastes of love
bittersweet, staining our lips
with a sting that thought it would stay for life
endless nights, and drawn out fights,
long kisses goodbye that never really meant a thing
caring with everything
like you had met your one true love
not knowing what life would bring you
memories of memories
aren't you glad that what could of been ...
and what should of been....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

according to plan

We are all changing and growing,
The only thing we can really count on is change,
When we plan, its like a rough draft
You have drawn it up and all but...
its GOING to change

Sometimes we try to plan our lives,
Sometimes we are just trying to plan our day,
or that next meeting, the way we will feel
what we will wear, what we will say,
how it will go
I think its really important to visualize because then
you can try to prepare yourself for what is about to come

But... when things dont go EXACTLY according to plan
we also need to be able to adapt, think quick
and still land on our feet.
A plan is good, plan... please plan
but also please expect for the plan to change...
and when it does... DONT LOSE YOUR MIND... just roll with the tide

I mean... how would life be if it always went according to plan

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jewelry shoot

I am just working on some pictures from a recent shoot with
BELLA at her Boutique the

The jewelry is fun and funky
just like the pictures
hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed making them

You can click the link below to find her jewelry