Saturday, April 21, 2012

Truth is.....

Find myself thinking... contemplating
then i came across a memory, and reading those words,
made me remember, truth is...
I gotta lot of growing to do, I'm still finding my way, 
it cant be impossible, to accomplish something you truly believe, 
I wanna be more than me....

My words were a wish I wrote, 
believing in the power of thought,
in a moment of TRUTH and clarity...

Truth is....
I wish for a true love, life and happiness, 
for peace to flow freely from within,
For Patience, wisdom, understanding and acceptance,
For guidance toward a higher consciousness,
To be less selfish and have a more clear perspective.
To love myself as well as others 
To become at peace with my inner self,
so the war with my words may be eliminated, 
Hopes of clarity and unity
Sight, so that I may see the true truth for what it really is,
and not for what it could be
Vision, so that I may make a path towards it,
Smell, so that I may experience taste with intensity,
Taste, So that I may differentiate, 
Wellness, for a life full of knowledge and wealth of the soul, 
and of course for 

The crazy thing is, I wrote this months ago, 
And the power of conscious thought is.... something else. 

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