Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rain Drops...

Rain drops falling on my shoulder,
   Soaking, dripping off my nose,
tear stained cheeks, blend into the rain,
   laughter and reality, it all looks the same...
smile together, WE feel no pain
   sanity lost, can't remember your name.

Rain drops falling on my shoulder,
   Sun beating down on my face,
I can't dry fast enough, chilled to the bone,
  Don't remember when I might of known,
They way we are, the way we were...
    ideals shattered, they all seem the same

Rain drops falling on my shoulder,
   The warmth of you, so close,
Drowning like never before,
    but not gasping for air...
Are we all different
   you seem different in the rain...

Rain drops falling on my shoulder,
   The concrete seems to remember my face
insult to injury, i can still think
    eyes open wide, I can still see
hands pressed together, shouting for nothing
    Reality so clear, it comforts the pain

Rain drops falling on my shoulder,
    Heart racing so loud I can't hear,
The beat, drowning out my words,
    I could of sworn that beat, wasn't my own
I can't be sure, Its not quite clear
    But I still think, I'd do it again
Rain drops falling on my shoulders,
   I close my eyes, pretend I feel nothing,
The pain is deep, but so are we,
   Its doesn't end, either do we
Stripped of all my masks, standing alone in the rain,
   My dream world, quickly dissipates
Its like one by one, it all falls in a place
   I'll smile for you, and for you too
Sanity lost... can't remember my name

Do you know me? know my name?

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