Thursday, February 23, 2012

according to plan

We are all changing and growing,
The only thing we can really count on is change,
When we plan, its like a rough draft
You have drawn it up and all but...
its GOING to change

Sometimes we try to plan our lives,
Sometimes we are just trying to plan our day,
or that next meeting, the way we will feel
what we will wear, what we will say,
how it will go
I think its really important to visualize because then
you can try to prepare yourself for what is about to come

But... when things dont go EXACTLY according to plan
we also need to be able to adapt, think quick
and still land on our feet.
A plan is good, plan... please plan
but also please expect for the plan to change...
and when it does... DONT LOSE YOUR MIND... just roll with the tide

I mean... how would life be if it always went according to plan

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