Sunday, April 8, 2012

Its funny how we come to conclusions about the way things are
based on our perception without going out into the world
and figuring it out for ourselves,
like how things " should" be, how people " should" talk , if you do "this" then it means "that" but what about looking at things through your own eyes,
with your own mind and coming to your own conclusions.
Thinkin is not overrated and your way of life is under debated,
seeing something for what it truly Is, not what it should, could, would be,
eyes wide open vs eyes wide shut, aware,
and conscious and coming to our own conclusions...
Asking yourself WHY ?
Why have I adopted this point of view,
WHY do I think it " should" be a certain way....
Maybe life doesnt fit into a box of rules,
capabale of forming our OWN opinions,
on how we want our OWN lives governed
by societies perceptions and dictations,
maybe just maybe we
capable of forming our OWN opinions,
how we want our OWN lives to be,
for whatever reason that is our

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