Thursday, March 31, 2011


Some of us are evolved and some of us are not, caught up in material and lust and the illusion of love only heightened by our senses. Sight, touch, smell, taste, and hear. And the strongest sense … to FEEL. I found myself saying something the other day… “ Without expression I would be lost in an existential sea of confusion and greed” I have many paths of expression all of which have a different road leading to them, and with each experience comes a new inspiration. It is my belief that we are here to learn because knowledge is power and knowledge is forever, clouded by our emotions and justifications, fear and self-loathing. Let it go and move forward, for you and I are both beautiful creatures with nothing but ourselves holding us back. Leave all of your emotional drama and baggage behind, make a choice that you are going to hold on to it no more and pick up today, and move forward. If it is not beautiful ( I am NOT talking about outward beauty ) and it doesn’t feel good, then leave it behind. Feel every emotion intensely and as quickly and intensely as you feel it… let it go. Remember it, cherish it and love it, and then leave it. See everything for what it is. No rose colored glasses, no pessimistic outlook just real, raw truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. Live in the moment, because it feels so good and is fun, you will never have a moment EXACTLY like it, and then let it go and leave it behind. And if you feel love, or loved, even for a moment, cherish it… because unfortunately it does not always last.


This shoot was so fun
I shot this in my living room with a white backdrop
and bright lights
for a very fresh clean look for the month of may, I love her body language
I also tried a new technique in photoshop
that i just learned, called stitching,
where you stitch several photos together for one photo,

I would love some critique on this
what are your likes and dislikes??

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Todays medicine


No really, when you feel unhappy, laugh. Frustrated? laugh... mad, sad, uncomfortable, offended, surprised, caught off guard, angry, miserable, bloated, constipated, hungry, rushed... happy, loved, content, intelligent, witty, no matter what, laugh. Laugh every chance you get, laugh at it, or with it or laugh it off, and try to tell me you dont feel better. Because I bet you do.... not only will YOU feel better, but so will everyone around you. Even if they have no idea why you are laughing :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is an amazing piece of art to me
the colors... beautiful

Do you see what I see???
unless you are laying down on the street or looking at this picture... probably not...

this tree looks much like the tree of life to me,
very bright, vivid and full of life

the lone flower that caught my eye

Campus life, what you see is what you get

I'm sure many of you dont know this about me,
but this happens to be, one of my most favorite flowers

Tropic thunder :)

So fearless... this lil guy let me walk right up to him,
and when he realized I didnt have any food,
he scolded me, turnt his tail toward me
and scampered off...

I would LOVE to meet the person, or people
that created this piece of art

Yes... this roll came to the table
and believe it or not, it actually
tasted BETTER than it looks...

they call this the 49er roll, it is so big
that to put the entire thing in your mouth
leaves your cheeks puffed out like
a chipmunk

Thanks for looking, hope you like what you see

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Active Listening Experiment


To give into ones feelings and feel everything around you with deep passion, now there is such beauty in that. To feel that homeless person on the street when you pass by, look them in the eyes, and feel their emotions through their eyes, imagine their life and what they must be going through in such a difficult situation. To look at the old woman on the bus and her strength and struggles, to see all they she must of gone through in her lifetime and although nearly impossible, imagine yourself there. To look your friend in the eyes, when they are speaking to you and FEEL them, truly feel them, don’t think about what it is that you want to say next, don’t think about yourself, or your problems or what you are going to eat today. TRULY FEEL THEM, listen intently to every word and relate to them, offer them insight and feedback, read their emotions, show kindness and be caring. To know those around you and feel them is to know yourself.

You would be amazed at what you learn by learning other people. You learn through them, see through their eyes, and in turn feel new emotions through them that you have never felt before. Everyone perceives and feels things differently so to try to feel and see through someone else, gives you a different perception. To unselfishly see through someone is a beautiful thing. To humble yourself to those around you and bring your feet back down to earth, also a very beautiful thing. Don’t be afraid to connect with those around you, and everyone you come in contact with on a daily basis, offer them a warm smile, a kind heart and an attentive ear. We are all on this earth together, and if not to love and learn then for what. Everyday you have the power to affect peoples lives, every day you have the power to change the world, one emotion and one random act of kindness at a time. When you are at the grocery store, when you are at work, even when you walk across the street. Your every day actions and reactions have a direct impact and affect on the people you come in contact with

I challenge you to be deeper, to think harder. To put the material

things behind you or out of your mind,

and operate on a deeper level of consciousness

try it and see if you dont feel something different for a change

Berkeley by night

This is the view from my window,
J a good friend pointed out the beautiful light falling on the buildings,
And the whole composition and the colors caught me off guard

As the night fell I threw on my walking shoes,
knocked a couple back and went to see what I could see
the starburst filter is probably a bit much,
but it was an experiment

Love the colors here,
the city always looks so different at night

There were several times while I was walking,
when I just stopped, took a deep breath and took
in my surroundings... the culture, the smell, the air

the city art :)

the humble homeless, seemingly content

These fellows wanted to be in a picture
they posed for a few, but as you can see I finally caught them
being real.... always my goal

what does this door lead to, and where will it take me,
these were the questions I asked myself stumbling across it

the happy and colorful bum,
we conversed for a bit, T said he was happy,
content and just down on his luck
but doesnt this young man look like he
should be somewhere else

for future reference it is my goal to find a clock such as this in every city,
it is my belief that the clock in the city, says so much
about the city, here is this city's clock

hope you enjoy,
i learned and found soooooo much on this trip, ill be writing about it soon,
Day pictures soon to follow as well....
the difference is quite literally NIGHT and DAY

Monday, March 21, 2011

lesson #2

okay, so this time pictures are sure to follow for BERKLEY CA. but before that, I just must state that lesson number 2 is an important one. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. always, and anytime you are faced with a decision, always stay true to yourself, be kind to those around you and follow your heart, though I would like to believe that the last one is the best piece of advice, it is unfortunately the hardest one to follow because your heart often misleads you, but at least your intentions are true. If you stay true to yourself than you will have NO REGRETS. pictures soon to follow of this recent journey. Though most of them will be night photos :)