Saturday, March 31, 2012

sweet 16 with so much style

What beautiful young ladies,
its hard to believe
that they are only 16
so much fun to work with :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



I dont mean some new shoes,
a car, shit... anything material,
I mean all of those around us,
As I look around I see so many suffering
So many people in emotional pain,
and why
in todays time and age
do none of us extend a hand...
an ear
a heart

entire lives are being lived in WAR ZONES
Children are being raped of their innocence around the world,
people, young and old are starving to death,
with no hope in sight....
people struggling to keep their families alive
and Woman, that center of human life, the carrier, the giver, the nurturer
living in a constant state of disrespect, objectification, perversion,
and in this world we are not worried about anyone but ourselves....

Maybe it is just easier to turn a blind eye,
live in ignorance,
maybe it is just easier to say " it is their own fault"
or pretend that this does not exist...
Maybe it disturbs your idea of a perfect life,
Maybe it shatters your facade
maybe it just doesnt fit into your little box that you call life

Why dont we care enough to do anything???
Is this the human race?
Death and destruction to all????

if enough of us are willing to be the EXCEPTION
it will soon become the RULE.
we set the standard

United we stand... divided we FAIL

When everyone in the city sleeps....

For me... when the people in the city sleep
the city itself comes alive

Late night walks,
self heard talks,

Colors so bright,
They come alive at night..

Thoughts so clear
The world could hear

If only you'd listen
you would see what your missin....

another utah sunset

Caught this out the car window,
cruisin down the freeway
something so beautiful
make you forget that time is flying by

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Finding myself lost in my heart and consumed with thought,
you could be what you seem, or it could be that youre not
a beautiful mind, with conception of time,
reality and rawness wrapped up in your grind
passion and hope, with a mind for the future,
love for our people, and thoughts for a whole,
instead of in a world of "ME"
you're seeing a common goal... good for all
with each minute that passes I see something new,
something I wasnt sure even existed, I see in you
This whole situation has got me questioning
Trying to sort out what I really believe in
the core is the there, but the details arent clear
I gave up on this whole feeling and traded it for the world,
a hope for a better one, and nothin but love for the fuel,
Searching for answers and questions that never end,
when you speak... they start to make sense
you're more than a man, you're a friend of man
man kind, mother earth and father time

Thursday, March 15, 2012

this woman, has no idea that she is beautiful!

And that makes her so much more beautiful
CHEERS to inner beauty
as it always radiates

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I LOVE to run.... it helps me clear my mind... I've be inspired, uninspired and inspired this time....
since you can't read my mind, Ill give you a glimpse.. THIS time

I have a purpose in life, So I feel everyONE
can't say what it means but i know its someTHING
or I wouldn't have this past,
that makes pain last, fresh in my heart
I see your eyes, can't hide them from ME
They tell your story and through everything,
I see your struggle and see you fighting,
For whats RIGHT,for whats on your MIND,
for the way of the world that's changing with time,
Hold my hand
and together we'll walk
close your mouth
and together we'll talk
open your eyes
and together we'll see
YOU... YOU... and YOU
Bring the better in me
it is through our struggle, that we can achieve,
I higher level of thinking a more conscious of being
Give me strength and a season,
Give me RHYME and a REASON
take me straight to the top
U can't fake these thoughts
Give me time and a mind,
There aint a moment in life, I would trade with mine
I'll give you time to believe
In what you finding in me,
Your beautiful mind, will also grow with these times.

-Craving Depth

thankYOU for your time
you inspire my mind

Saturday, March 3, 2012

a moment

Tears stain my face for those lost,
So little we knew
So much gone
Families torn from their loved ones,
Hearts in pain,
with a quiet dawn
a wake of cries
in the path of death and destruction
it came so fast
And left so much
fear... pain... ache... and regret

We place so much value on what we can buy,
But what we can buy, can be bought again...
THAT which we cannot
will be what we truly miss

As far as I know, I knew not one
But they're in my heart, as though I was ripped apart

A moment of silence for them today
As i close my eyes
and wish I prayed
My heart aches