Tuesday, June 26, 2012

food love

Tonights dinner was made from the freshest ingredients
from the lovely wine, 
to the fresh basil and rosemary from the garden,
a lot of care went into this meal, 
the chopping, and slicing, dicing, and sautéing .... 

I started with steaming the kale, and the wild rice separately 
until the Kale was firm but tender, 
In a separate pan, I combined olive oil, garlic and fresh basil
cooking just look enough for the garlic to infuse the oil with its flavor and aroma
then I added the Kale and stirred until well mixed

For the Salmons sauce/gravy I started with onions and leeks on med/high
in some coconut oil, 
cooked until tender about 5 min. 
then added the mushrooms,
when they just started to brown
I used 2 tbls of wheat flour and stirred until it just started to brown
adding the wine now... so it is rich with flavor, 
and then of course 1/2 cup of coconut milk ( unsweetened)
turning the temp down to low, 
I added the green onions and tomatoes to the sauce stirring occasionally 

I broiled the salmon in the oven about 5 min on each side
with lemon, lemon oil, and lemon pepper

And... poof. 
I healthy well balanced meal, full of fresh vegetables,
nutritious and delicious,
you can tell a lot about how I'm feeling, according to how I cook...

Tonight I cooked with love. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

emotional "needs" ?

How do I purge myself of my selfish emotional needs?
Are they really needs because if they are not met will i DIE? 
No. I will not die.
But maybe my emotional "needs" can be met, WITHOUT
my emotional needs being in control of my life. 
I want to be so much STRONGER than my emotions.
Emotions are good,
they keep us in touch, empathetic, 
they keep us HUMAN.
However, those are unselfish examples.
At this time in my life, 
as a single mother, business woman, 
who has overcome many struggles, head high, eyes open.
I find myself succumbing to selfish emotional needs. 
I have never felt the way that i do, 
though i must admit I have been guilty of 
letting my emotions make some of my choices instead of my logic,
now as a GROWN WOMAN I do realize the importance 
of consulting BOTH
Deep connection, strong emotion,.
Love, may make your knees weaken
and your senses heighten...
I would say my physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual senses
are indeed at one of their highest points.
I've never "FELT" how i currently
 quite honestly I'm trying to get my bearings 
and figure out where to plant my feet,
I KNOW they belong on the ground.
and I AM STRONGER than my emotions,
if ANYTHING.. my heart... should STRENGTHEN me
not weaken me.
 and It is just ONE MORE TOOL, in need of nurturing and growth
so that it may be used correctly 
and to its fullest potential

what are your thoughts... on overcoming your emotional needs
or making sure you keep them in check.
Does your heart run you?
or do you run your heart?

Friday, June 1, 2012

in the news today

Life is meant to bring pain,
out of tears grows new life and change, 
A deeper purpose is in all of us
individually, uniquely, creatively, UNCONDITIONALLY
Never knowing what tomorrow will bring
a chance for
Loyalty, Courage, Strength, Wisdom
In the news was devastation,
terror, sorrow and slain
Heavy heart full of questions
and feelin a bit



The heart breaks in so many ways ....

Dixon Fruit Market

I came across this beautiful Farm on the way out of Cali,
Organically grown, and local, 

Don't these look delicious?!

They also grew pistachios, 
and had ever flavor you could imagine, 
I planned on getting quite a few flavors, 
but I left with arms full of fruit instead

The man that runs the show, 
very kind, and informative

My last look at Cali, 
from the side of the freeway

This beautiful organic farm, 
really just made me want a garden more, 
with fresh everything, 
organic all the way...
nutritious and delicious...