Thursday, December 29, 2011

So Photogenic

N and K were so amazing to photograph,
so much personality and so many smiles,
it doesnt even feel like work when its this easy

You know this one is going to break some hearts :)
I love that bond between a father and son,
I think you can tell alot about a man,
by how he interacts with his child/children
and this is one unique, rare around these parts,
kind of man,

Dont you think a true smile, shows in the eyes :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

what a lovely family

I think this picture accurately expresses the playful and loving relationship
between the two of they beautiful little ladies

So prim and proper

All smiles and laughter

These two were truly a blast to work with

So playful and full of personality

I love capturing a moment...
not just a picture but a memory

To never understand what it took to make that man

A great sadness fills my heart for a "just" thats so unjust,
painful hope leaves memories not soon forgotten,
yesterday is not a day that I care to say good bye to,
though tomorrow brings a realness that we've gotten used to,
change comes and waits for no man, while some get left behind, what you may see as fair to the rest of us is unkind...
The years of life and truth show all too clearly on my face
seems like i closed my eyes for just a blink and it all changed
i wont remember what you said, what you did, or what they made you seem like
I'll just remember how I felt, and what you made me dream like,
To never know yourself,
Is to never know someone else
To never see their dream and imagine how they felt
To never hear their words and imagine what the meant
To never see their eyes, and imagine how they saw
what they heard,
where they walked
what they hoped
and how they coped
To never understand
what it took to make that man...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lil Tru is so photogenic

Tru was so fun to work with
incredibly photogenic
and alot of fun...
arent his eyes amazing

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not your average engagements

Not your average couple,
these two have a great dynamic,
He is understanding and patient
she is spirited and outspoken
and their story is a love story

that reminds me, that love exists,
deep, unconditional love,
It reminds me, that people do indeed fall so inlove
that they want to make a lifelong commitment to eachother
And that my friends is BEAUTIFUL
I wish the two of you lifelong happiness and
everlasting LOVE

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You're Beautiful

more beautiful today
youre beautiful
in every single way
youre beautiful
just the way you are
youre beautiful
more beautiful today
than every other day
because today
i see the way
inside and out
Your strength radiates throughout
youre beautiful
what youre capable of
youre beautiful
i only wish to know
all that your about
cuz what i see within
says that youre beauitful

Monday, October 31, 2011


These are the faces of people wanting to see a change in their country,
These are the faces of people wanting to BE the change in their country,

These are the words for the people of our communities

This is OUR voice
These are not the faces of the homeless,
these are the faces of the hard working americans, these
are tax paying, blue collar citizens of the united states

These are the faces of peaceful people,
that have exhausted their resources,
but have not lost hope
These are the faces of proud people,
passionate people,
people who are standing up for you,
even while you sit down
These are the faces of expression
These are the faces of people who believe in themselves
and that ONE can make a change
These are people with eyes that tell their whole story
without a word
These are the faces of frustration

The faces of hope
These faces of dedication and realization
The faces of life
The faces of our future
These are our faces, full of beauty
and strength

Want to be involved? but dont know where to start??
go to to find out

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The truth can be like running full speed into a brick wall,
Your body goes numb, you may stumble... even fall
When you get up you know for yourself, what lies ahead
the truth becomes clear, no words can hide a truth once heard,
The truth is that voice in the back of your head,
The one that warms you, whispers, and says
" beware of false hopes, promises and things too good to be true
they usually are, so dont let them fool you"
The truth will truly set you free,
to hear it, to speak it, to see clearly,
Anyone can tell you, anything. and its easy to believe
specially if its what you hoped would be,
But its better to see all that surrounds you, through eyes wide open
Be it ugly, Be it sad, Be it Real, Be it beautiful,
To truly see something for what it is,
Instead of what you want it to be
That is real life....

I always say
" Id rather have the ugly truth than a beautiful lie "

this time the truth hurt

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What a beautiful and fun family to photograph

This family was so photogenic
I think its good genes

The grandma was THE best,
I guess you dont get to live that long
without learning a thing or two,

... ( dot dot dot )

I was having a conversation today,
with a friend, about today
today was a tumultuous day...
like any other day
anyway... i realize something in retrospect. I made a comment that went something like this,

the good doesnt even phase or come close to the stupid ass choices (ive made)
Believe that! I will spend the rest of my life trying to catch up... or die trying

That might not be WORD for WORD but... its as close as I remember
anyway... it hits me.
WE ALL MAKE STUPID ASS CHOICES, that we have to live with
grow and learn from, and build off. To walk around with some sense
of guilt in the back of your mind is not only ridiculous, but a waste of time,
energy and strength.
Thats the point! TO LEARN, to learn and to help people
some people learn from reading, from school, from someone else's error,
and some people like the hard way
"the road less traveled" if u will
to me it just sounds better..
" I took the road less traveled"
instead of
" Im hard headed, stubborn and rebellious, and even if I see 6 people walk into the wall
and it hurts them, I may still want to give it a try for myself.. as in I AM STUPID"

ok... so my lesson to myself is tooooo.... dun dun dun
really let go and forgive myself for all of my stupid choices and mistakes....
because we all make them
repeatedly...... right?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

beautiful baby

I got so lucky to work with such a photogenic baby
lil miss N looks so peaceful,
Its a trick I tell you

On this shoot I learned something VERY important,
and have much to learn

Friday, October 14, 2011


So 5:am it hits me... and I am going to share it with anyone who is reading... listening...


I know Ive heard this before, and said this before, but tonight.. this morning, it makes perfect sense. I truly have to be the change I want to see in this world. YOU have to be the change you want to see in this world, but thats on you and I can only be responsible for me. You want the world to be more giving, you need to be more giving, you want the world to be more considerate, YOU have to be more considerate, I want the world to be more human, I have to be more human, more kind, caring, loving, graceful, classy, honest, wise, forgiving, hopeful, optimistic, well spoken, loyal, true, faithful, dedicated, hardworking, driven, punctual, I have to be a better example. For myself. For you...

Because everything we are and all that surrounds us, our friends, our life, our partners,
our family, they are examples of us, who we are, WHAT we are
and what we want to be


Because without change, without meaning, these are just words...
written somewhere, that maybe no one is reading


Monday, October 10, 2011

family shoot

T and A were so fun and easy to shoot
what a beautiful family

Monday, September 26, 2011


I tried to give you all of me,
most just want a piece of me
You try to see the best in me,
When all I see is less in me,
You give me hope and trust in me,
When I lost hope in everything
I just want you to know....
You'll always be the best in me,
nothing short of everything
No one can come between you and me
What we have is everything
Love and friendship
Trust and Patience
And even when you seen the worst in me...
You still saw the BEST in me
A "true friend" when I'm in need
You'll always be a piece of me,
this piece of us now everything
So much better than even "WE" can be
even though she's got the worst of me
Every day I see the best of you...
In ME... WE.... SHE.
She makes me believe what you tried to help me see,
our love for eachother is ALL we have,
and all she needs,
Shes blessed to have a man in her life that truly sees
What this world could be,
IF even just WE believe. --

Monday, August 22, 2011

New shoot with the lil Miss S.

This is just a quick little preview
Lil Miss S. was such a good sport, she was tired
and the lights were so bright...
Hope you all like them

please comment below and give me your thoughts