Tuesday, June 26, 2012

food love

Tonights dinner was made from the freshest ingredients
from the lovely wine, 
to the fresh basil and rosemary from the garden,
a lot of care went into this meal, 
the chopping, and slicing, dicing, and sautéing .... 

I started with steaming the kale, and the wild rice separately 
until the Kale was firm but tender, 
In a separate pan, I combined olive oil, garlic and fresh basil
cooking just look enough for the garlic to infuse the oil with its flavor and aroma
then I added the Kale and stirred until well mixed

For the Salmons sauce/gravy I started with onions and leeks on med/high
in some coconut oil, 
cooked until tender about 5 min. 
then added the mushrooms,
when they just started to brown
I used 2 tbls of wheat flour and stirred until it just started to brown
adding the wine now... so it is rich with flavor, 
and then of course 1/2 cup of coconut milk ( unsweetened)
turning the temp down to low, 
I added the green onions and tomatoes to the sauce stirring occasionally 

I broiled the salmon in the oven about 5 min on each side
with lemon, lemon oil, and lemon pepper

And... poof. 
I healthy well balanced meal, full of fresh vegetables,
nutritious and delicious,
you can tell a lot about how I'm feeling, according to how I cook...

Tonight I cooked with love. 


  1. Hi you, it's been a very long time. I see your artistic talents are even more amazing than it was so many years ago. You are still so full of love. I bet that dish was perfect.

    1. hello there! who is this? and thank you for the words... the food was amazing, not perfect, but amazing. I am pretty full of love, but I have my moments which sometimes turn into quite long moments... lol.