Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just a thought or two

No pictures to post just yet, but I am off tomorrow and am certain I will come back with quite a bit to look at... just a thought today. When you assume something, you often make an ass of yourself. Sitting here, deep in thought about this and that there is one thought that is lingering around in there and bouncing off the walls of my brain. As we go through life, our experiences mold us into the people that we often become and it seems we are always changing, evolving and learning. HOPEFULLY. But along the way we also pick up baggage, pain and trauma that sometimes stays with us and affects us in ways we dont even recognize. The way we react to a situation or a person, our point of view and even our willingness to open our hearts are all affected. I dont know about you but I want to be the kind of person that still believes in humanity and finds the best in people. The kind of person who sees the cup as half full and the world with eyes wide open, full of optimism and faith in mankind. I always want to be the person who has spare change, for whomever is asking and to never turn the other cheek. I think in all the hustle and bustle we lose ourselves, and get in a rut. The same thing day in and day out, stress and headaches, worries and plans. I challenge you to live in the moment, LOVE, LIVE and LAUGH. Leave the rest behind. This will be my focus.