Sunday, June 12, 2011

REAL recognize REAL

This statement is so true,
everywhere I go I run into real ass people
of every race, culture, religion,
its crazy how many people,
are not what they seem
if you judge a book purely by its cover,
then you will miss out on alot,
there is so much to know, learn and be
I dont want to miss out on even one person, place or thing
life is just too short.
Dont get me wrong there are SO many fake people
out there,
that, in the space they are currently in, are incapable
of being real with themselves and anyone around them
to those people, I just throw up the deuces
and keep it movin. Although they may be good people
deep down, I dont have the patience or time to dig for
whatever may be hiding.
I am honest to a fault and always stay real
I often find myself thinking
" when keeping it real goes wrong "
( in the dave chapelle voice )
but for the most part it works for me.

Real recognize real, If you are real, believe me, I see that in you
to the rest of u,
well... hopefully you find that one day
I swear to you, it will be eye opening

Friday, June 10, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Love is a tricky matter,
"Sometimes it lasts in love, and sometimes it hurts instead"
Taking the chance is half of the allure and excitement,
Whether it works out or not,
I truly believe it is better to have LOVED and lost then to
have never experienced love at all.
Love comes in so many different ways.
Sometimes it is nurturing, tender and sweet,
Sometimes it is safe, secure, and boring
Sometimes it is exciting, lovely and dangerous
Sometimes it IS real
Sometimes it just seems real
Sometimes it means everything,
Sometimes it means nothing.

"you cannot KNOW love, if you do not KNOW pain"

Friday, June 3, 2011


have a funny way of ruining a perfectly good morning,
or evening.
Standards are a great thing to have.. if you dont already have some
it would be a great idea to get some.
For yourself, as well as for the people you welcome into
you life, particularly in relationships.
but... expectations... well.. they are tricky.
Do you always do what is expected of you? I usually do
the exact opposite, because I am defiant by nature.
When you go into things with expectations,
its almost like trying to plan it out.
I say "trying to plan" because
how often do things go as planned????
According to my calculations... almost never...

So.... throw your expectations to the wind,
and let the day bring what it may,
with a smile on your face.

Without expectations, you dont have to
have the disappointment that comes when your expectations are not met
and you can see, and appreciate things for

life experiences...

The Green

Slowly covering the dark murky water,
the bright green spread
like oil over water,
not only covering
but consuming

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The moment

You know that moment...
THE moment,
when everything suddenly becomes clear to you..



Went to motorcross with the Cache Valley Photographers
this last tuesday, and had a blast
what a FUN shoot

Was shooting on the track and then this guy came up
and told us it was too dangerous and that we
had to stay off the track...
Later we saw him with HIS camera
HAHAHAHA!! .... on the track.... hmmmmm

I guess the hunch in his back is metal that is supposed to help
protect them if they fall...

interesting fellow.....
I like his helmet :)

these guys were patiently waiting to get on the track

Logic vs. Emotion

Are you ever torn between the two.
Something feels right, but seems wrong,
or logically it is right,
but somewhere along the line it "feels" wrong.
We have a heart AND a head for a reason,
so that we can use both when making decisions.
Take both into consideration,
dont shut either out.
If your heart is speaking to you, listen to it
even though it may complicate things,
it always has good intentions.
If you head is speaking to you,
listen to it as well
because it is capable of taking your emotions
out of the equation,
and sometimes our "emotions"
cloud our judgement.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Goldengate Park....

I truly hope you enjoy viewing these
as much as I loved taking them

Change is coming...

Life is what you make it,
and that is a very true statement.
I feel change, in a very big way,
coming to your life as well as mine,
be prepared with the right state of mind,
you either change with the times
or get left BEHIND