Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Finding myself lost in my heart and consumed with thought,
you could be what you seem, or it could be that youre not
a beautiful mind, with conception of time,
reality and rawness wrapped up in your grind
passion and hope, with a mind for the future,
love for our people, and thoughts for a whole,
instead of in a world of "ME"
you're seeing a common goal... good for all
with each minute that passes I see something new,
something I wasnt sure even existed, I see in you
This whole situation has got me questioning
Trying to sort out what I really believe in
the core is the there, but the details arent clear
I gave up on this whole feeling and traded it for the world,
a hope for a better one, and nothin but love for the fuel,
Searching for answers and questions that never end,
when you speak... they start to make sense
you're more than a man, you're a friend of man
man kind, mother earth and father time

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