Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Seafood Lasagna

 I have been on the hunt for really good italian food, 
And, if you know me, 
you know I LOVE seafood,
In hopes of some good seafood we wandered into this restaurant
and I was pleasantly surprised by the italian food.

This is a seafood lasagna,
the bottom layer is crab in a red sauce,
the middle layer in-between the noodles is shrimp in a pesto sauce
and the top layer was fresh fish in a white sauce,
this MELTED in my mouth, 

 I wish I had taken more pictures in the beautiful Santa Cruz while I was there
there is always next time

The seagull wanted to be in the picture, 
So I thought he should get his shot... 
Wish I had seen him coming, or even been prepared

The last stop up highway ONE, 
which happens to be my very favorite highway, 
as of now

Sometimes its not what you look at, 
its what you see. 
Who you're with, can affect WHAT you see....
I saw beauty... all around me
next time I'll snap it

Friday, May 18, 2012