Sunday, March 11, 2012


I LOVE to run.... it helps me clear my mind... I've be inspired, uninspired and inspired this time....
since you can't read my mind, Ill give you a glimpse.. THIS time

I have a purpose in life, So I feel everyONE
can't say what it means but i know its someTHING
or I wouldn't have this past,
that makes pain last, fresh in my heart
I see your eyes, can't hide them from ME
They tell your story and through everything,
I see your struggle and see you fighting,
For whats RIGHT,for whats on your MIND,
for the way of the world that's changing with time,
Hold my hand
and together we'll walk
close your mouth
and together we'll talk
open your eyes
and together we'll see
YOU... YOU... and YOU
Bring the better in me
it is through our struggle, that we can achieve,
I higher level of thinking a more conscious of being
Give me strength and a season,
Give me RHYME and a REASON
take me straight to the top
U can't fake these thoughts
Give me time and a mind,
There aint a moment in life, I would trade with mine
I'll give you time to believe
In what you finding in me,
Your beautiful mind, will also grow with these times.

-Craving Depth

thankYOU for your time
you inspire my mind

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