Sunday, October 30, 2011

The truth can be like running full speed into a brick wall,
Your body goes numb, you may stumble... even fall
When you get up you know for yourself, what lies ahead
the truth becomes clear, no words can hide a truth once heard,
The truth is that voice in the back of your head,
The one that warms you, whispers, and says
" beware of false hopes, promises and things too good to be true
they usually are, so dont let them fool you"
The truth will truly set you free,
to hear it, to speak it, to see clearly,
Anyone can tell you, anything. and its easy to believe
specially if its what you hoped would be,
But its better to see all that surrounds you, through eyes wide open
Be it ugly, Be it sad, Be it Real, Be it beautiful,
To truly see something for what it is,
Instead of what you want it to be
That is real life....

I always say
" Id rather have the ugly truth than a beautiful lie "

this time the truth hurt


  1. than admit your ugly truth

  2. after careful consideration upon reading your comment, my response is this ... You see, I am a human being and never profess to be perfect or even close, I am flawed in so many ways that I cannot count them, and my life has so many "ugly truths" I cannot begin to list them, though I am open and honest about them, and more than willing to discuss them, I dont write this blog to tell the world everything i have or have not done A. because i doubt anyone cares or wants to hear it and B. because I openly discuss those things often with any inquiring mind that wants to know. I have done many things I am NOT proud of, I do not intend to deny.

    You sound through your comment as though it may be personal or something bothering you, and if I have done anything that you hold resentment for, I am truly sorry as causing you pain or resentment in your life. If it is something you would like to discuss openly here, I have nothing to hide and would be more than willing to hear you out. If it is something you would rather discuss privately please feel free to email me or call as all of my contact information is listed here on my blog under the "contact me" portion

    I wish you peace, happiness and abundance, please do not hesitate to let me know how I can help you on your journey... sincerely

  3. also... For the record... this poem was about a person whom I had a great deal of feelings for, and believed the feeling was mutual, though I had to find out in a very hurtful way that my love was unrequited, I realized in that painful moment that at least I knew the truth, which was much better than the beautiful lie my mind and heart had helped me create. I believe that love is no less beautiful having not been " true and everlasting " because it is the act of even willing to love knowing what pain it may bring that makes us so unique and beautiful... flaws... and all