Thursday, October 20, 2011

... ( dot dot dot )

I was having a conversation today,
with a friend, about today
today was a tumultuous day...
like any other day
anyway... i realize something in retrospect. I made a comment that went something like this,

the good doesnt even phase or come close to the stupid ass choices (ive made)
Believe that! I will spend the rest of my life trying to catch up... or die trying

That might not be WORD for WORD but... its as close as I remember
anyway... it hits me.
WE ALL MAKE STUPID ASS CHOICES, that we have to live with
grow and learn from, and build off. To walk around with some sense
of guilt in the back of your mind is not only ridiculous, but a waste of time,
energy and strength.
Thats the point! TO LEARN, to learn and to help people
some people learn from reading, from school, from someone else's error,
and some people like the hard way
"the road less traveled" if u will
to me it just sounds better..
" I took the road less traveled"
instead of
" Im hard headed, stubborn and rebellious, and even if I see 6 people walk into the wall
and it hurts them, I may still want to give it a try for myself.. as in I AM STUPID"

ok... so my lesson to myself is tooooo.... dun dun dun
really let go and forgive myself for all of my stupid choices and mistakes....
because we all make them
repeatedly...... right?