Monday, September 26, 2011


I tried to give you all of me,
most just want a piece of me
You try to see the best in me,
When all I see is less in me,
You give me hope and trust in me,
When I lost hope in everything
I just want you to know....
You'll always be the best in me,
nothing short of everything
No one can come between you and me
What we have is everything
Love and friendship
Trust and Patience
And even when you seen the worst in me...
You still saw the BEST in me
A "true friend" when I'm in need
You'll always be a piece of me,
this piece of us now everything
So much better than even "WE" can be
even though she's got the worst of me
Every day I see the best of you...
In ME... WE.... SHE.
She makes me believe what you tried to help me see,
our love for eachother is ALL we have,
and all she needs,
Shes blessed to have a man in her life that truly sees
What this world could be,
IF even just WE believe. --


  1. Just came across your blog and wondered if your work is based on fiction or based on your personal life? or just copied poems you post to emit your emotions at the time

  2. Everything I write is 100% from my own mind and heart, though I may reference a quote, or a saying... they are merely helping me state my point. I hope you find them interesting, too me they are my heart and soul and everything I am made of, my hope is that someone reading can relate... or feel me, and where I'm coming from.

    What are your thoughts on my writing??

  3. I feel that it is close to you and dear to your heart but also broad and I guess it's because I don't know you so I can't relate the personal experience. Not saying I want to stalk you, just some insight to who you are and than compare it to you as the artist.

  4. me as an artist... IS who I am, have you had a chance to read through the whole blog and previous posts? Might give you more of a feel for who I am...

    Though in life I where many masks... Who I am here, is my true self :)