Friday, December 16, 2011

To never understand what it took to make that man

A great sadness fills my heart for a "just" thats so unjust,
painful hope leaves memories not soon forgotten,
yesterday is not a day that I care to say good bye to,
though tomorrow brings a realness that we've gotten used to,
change comes and waits for no man, while some get left behind, what you may see as fair to the rest of us is unkind...
The years of life and truth show all too clearly on my face
seems like i closed my eyes for just a blink and it all changed
i wont remember what you said, what you did, or what they made you seem like
I'll just remember how I felt, and what you made me dream like,
To never know yourself,
Is to never know someone else
To never see their dream and imagine how they felt
To never hear their words and imagine what the meant
To never see their eyes, and imagine how they saw
what they heard,
where they walked
what they hoped
and how they coped
To never understand
what it took to make that man...

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