Sunday, June 12, 2011

REAL recognize REAL

This statement is so true,
everywhere I go I run into real ass people
of every race, culture, religion,
its crazy how many people,
are not what they seem
if you judge a book purely by its cover,
then you will miss out on alot,
there is so much to know, learn and be
I dont want to miss out on even one person, place or thing
life is just too short.
Dont get me wrong there are SO many fake people
out there,
that, in the space they are currently in, are incapable
of being real with themselves and anyone around them
to those people, I just throw up the deuces
and keep it movin. Although they may be good people
deep down, I dont have the patience or time to dig for
whatever may be hiding.
I am honest to a fault and always stay real
I often find myself thinking
" when keeping it real goes wrong "
( in the dave chapelle voice )
but for the most part it works for me.

Real recognize real, If you are real, believe me, I see that in you
to the rest of u,
well... hopefully you find that one day
I swear to you, it will be eye opening

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