Saturday, June 4, 2011

Love is a tricky matter,
"Sometimes it lasts in love, and sometimes it hurts instead"
Taking the chance is half of the allure and excitement,
Whether it works out or not,
I truly believe it is better to have LOVED and lost then to
have never experienced love at all.
Love comes in so many different ways.
Sometimes it is nurturing, tender and sweet,
Sometimes it is safe, secure, and boring
Sometimes it is exciting, lovely and dangerous
Sometimes it IS real
Sometimes it just seems real
Sometimes it means everything,
Sometimes it means nothing.

"you cannot KNOW love, if you do not KNOW pain"


  1. I'm the person that wrote you were too broad in another poem and be you...Well reading this post...I'll give it to you, this man, women or child or monkey,etc whoever gave you one of the most sacred in lessons in life....Love and and now it's gone. But with this lost you gained pain that made you evoke a realness. A sort of peek behind the armor. This person's love hurt that you then did what any artist does....make it into art and have the world see it so that you can move from it and grow.

    I hope this person is now a page in your book of life that has been turned and that you have found a new person that makes you feel like you are their opening page and last page in their book. If so cherish that person and make sure they are cherishing you.

  2. Thanks for the seem to be quite busy. like your new work

  3. Sorry for the delay Tami. I think that Love comes and goes, and it is courageous to still be willing to love, even knowing the pain that may come along with it. The person I wrote this poem about is no longer in my life, but I am grateful for the lessons I learned through knowing them. The realness came a few years ago, when I realized my life was not a meaningful without the beauty of truth in it, and I have made a commitment to myself to be real to myself as well as those around me, every since.

    I have not found a "new person" and I am not looking, if they are out there, I believe they will come find me, because I know that I am worth the journey.

    Thankyou for checking out the new work, it is something I feel a GREAT deal of passion for :)