Friday, June 3, 2011


have a funny way of ruining a perfectly good morning,
or evening.
Standards are a great thing to have.. if you dont already have some
it would be a great idea to get some.
For yourself, as well as for the people you welcome into
you life, particularly in relationships.
but... expectations... well.. they are tricky.
Do you always do what is expected of you? I usually do
the exact opposite, because I am defiant by nature.
When you go into things with expectations,
its almost like trying to plan it out.
I say "trying to plan" because
how often do things go as planned????
According to my calculations... almost never...

So.... throw your expectations to the wind,
and let the day bring what it may,
with a smile on your face.

Without expectations, you dont have to
have the disappointment that comes when your expectations are not met
and you can see, and appreciate things for

life experiences...

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