Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Berkeley by night

This is the view from my window,
J a good friend pointed out the beautiful light falling on the buildings,
And the whole composition and the colors caught me off guard

As the night fell I threw on my walking shoes,
knocked a couple back and went to see what I could see
the starburst filter is probably a bit much,
but it was an experiment

Love the colors here,
the city always looks so different at night

There were several times while I was walking,
when I just stopped, took a deep breath and took
in my surroundings... the culture, the smell, the air

the city art :)

the humble homeless, seemingly content

These fellows wanted to be in a picture
they posed for a few, but as you can see I finally caught them
being real.... always my goal

what does this door lead to, and where will it take me,
these were the questions I asked myself stumbling across it

the happy and colorful bum,
we conversed for a bit, T said he was happy,
content and just down on his luck
but doesnt this young man look like he
should be somewhere else

for future reference it is my goal to find a clock such as this in every city,
it is my belief that the clock in the city, says so much
about the city, here is this city's clock

hope you enjoy,
i learned and found soooooo much on this trip, ill be writing about it soon,
Day pictures soon to follow as well....
the difference is quite literally NIGHT and DAY

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