Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is an amazing piece of art to me
the colors... beautiful

Do you see what I see???
unless you are laying down on the street or looking at this picture... probably not...

this tree looks much like the tree of life to me,
very bright, vivid and full of life

the lone flower that caught my eye

Campus life, what you see is what you get

I'm sure many of you dont know this about me,
but this happens to be, one of my most favorite flowers

Tropic thunder :)

So fearless... this lil guy let me walk right up to him,
and when he realized I didnt have any food,
he scolded me, turnt his tail toward me
and scampered off...

I would LOVE to meet the person, or people
that created this piece of art

Yes... this roll came to the table
and believe it or not, it actually
tasted BETTER than it looks...

they call this the 49er roll, it is so big
that to put the entire thing in your mouth
leaves your cheeks puffed out like
a chipmunk

Thanks for looking, hope you like what you see

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