Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Exception

So often we are the rule, we forget what it feels like to be the exception to the rule. We forget that we are indeed "special", unique and quirky. That we are different, which makes us beautiful. There is no sense in trying to blend in to the crowd, Not stand out so much, keep your opinions to yourself, because all of the things that make us stand out, our voice, our unique sense of style, even if it doesnt match, or " go with the trend" our beautiful minds, hearts, feelings ( no matter how deep or emotional ) our ability to connect with complete strangers, and offer a true part of ourselves, no matter how big or small, ALL of these things are what make us human, are what make us so incredibly beautiful as individuals.
Dont be the rule, anymore. Be the exception. You see the thing is, you already are the exception. You already have a light inside of you that shines so brightly it could warm the coldest heart, A voice so pure it could make the skeptic a believer, eyes so wide and full of a thirst for life you could bring any hermit out of their shell, you just need to embrace it, and dont be afraid to show it. Embrace who you are, all of your flaws ( for they are the most beautiful part of you), embrace your differences, embrace your HUMANITY. And soon the " exception " could be the RULE.

I am evolving, care to join me?

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