Monday, April 18, 2011

If at first you dont succeed ...

Dust yourself off and try again.

When you want something really badly and put alot of hard work and effort into it, that doesnt mean that its a "sure thing" . There are many times when we must fail before we can be great. Sometimes it is our approach, sometimes it is our execution. Either way there is always a lesson to be learned through failure. If you take notes, try again, and stay persistent, eventually you will reach your goals. Often it is through alot of hard work.

A quote comes to mind

- If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got -

Try something different? yes. Make a list of where you went wrong? yes. Stay positive and strong, trudging forward? most definitely. BUT DONT GIVE UP! Nothing worth having ever came easy, try to tell yourself, the harder it is, the bigger the reward. So it is always worth the hard work. Its hard when faced with adversity and struggle to stare it down and head right into it. Even if you fail, the strength that you will find within yourself, fighting this fight is amazing.

You know what is even more amazing, fighting this fight, head on,
eyes open,
and smiling:)

and remember... TRY TRY TRY AGAIN
(what do you have to lose??)

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