Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Evolve your way of thinking, It is a little redundant; thinking this to myself over and over and over. Do you get that there is a bigger picture? This life isn’t about your designer clothes or designer car, it is not about your body shape and size, it is not about your 6 figure salary or being the “big man on campus” there is so much in this world that is so much bigger than that, bigger than you and bigger than me. This infant way you have developed of thinking, make a choice today to leave it behind you. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Worry about the person you are underneath the exterior. Because I promise you, the beauty that you possess on the inside is far more beautiful than any external beauty, and when you are beautiful on the inside, that radiates to all that is around you. There is this light that radiates from you and draws people to you when you are right with yourself. Be healthy in your mind, body and soul, emotionally sound and centered. If you are feeling sad or upset about something, don’t push it to the back or try to hide it, address it, feel it completely, communicate either with yourself or those around you, confront it head on so that you can actually put it behind you. Pretending that it isn’t there, or telling yourself that you are going to deal with it later doesn’t make you a stronger person… dealing with it, facing it, no matter how hard that challenge may be, now THAT makes you a strong person. Don’t be ashamed of how you feel, or embarrassed, feelings make us human, they make us warm, and kind, they make us REAL. Be real with yourself and everyone around you. Stop the BS, stop being two faced, and remember that lesson your mom tried to teach you when you were younger… well… if you don’t have something nice to say, then please, do not say anything at all. This is a forward motion that I would love you to join, there is no time or place for negativity, put it behind you, lift your head up and embrace this new age. This new age of love, life and happiness.

I am evolving, PLEASE join me.

I have made a conscience decision to :

EVOLVE my way of thinking

EVOLVE my way of speaking

EVOLVE my contact and communication with others,


-- those that refuse to change, are often left behind--

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