Sunday, August 21, 2011

recently missing in action

I havent posted lately, because I have had nothing positive to say,
today I thought to myself
" SELF, thats not real...keep it real"
the fact is, I been going through some things, or I should say
through some thaaaangs.
I am crazy right now, irrational, unhappy and discontent
and quite honestly

in an odd way... I'm happy
and comfortable here
how emo is that???

anyway, im questioning the whole meaning of life, and my purpose,
if we all have one
a purpose that is
then how come we dont all know what ours is??
maybe we dont all have one
and life is just what you make it....

I havent been sleeping either, pondering on these
answerless questions and getting nowhere fast

I realize that at this moment I feel incomplete,
and NOT normal.
I mean, what is normal, and who wants to
be that boring bitch anyway???
but I feel more NOT normal that usual,
right now, I would freak out the "freaks"
anyone else feel like this???
tonight that is the answerless question I am pondering....???
the question that is keeping me up....


  1. "How Emo is that?" YOU are living. We ALL question why? at some point some drop everything and go on a self seeking spirtual quest. Some seek self peace to aviod this reality. I have no idea why we are here? In a weird way I welcome death the older I get instead of fear it...Why? Beacuse I beleive that this isn't "it". I beleive and that emotion of faith makes it all less of a smack to the face...Let's do some spiritual cleansing/meditation work soon:) I think you will be surprised by my skills.I have been on a Native self healing kick past three years:) Vic

  2. i would LOVE that.. get at me