Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maternity Photos

I had an AWESOME shoot with J and A !!! This is my first maternity shoot, they were such good sports. A short time ago during my own pregnancy one of my closest friends shared with me a very important part of her beliefs.  One part of those beliefs was to be VERY VERY nice to pregnant women and treat them well. I have carried that belief system into my own life, to be VERY nice to preggo women, this woman in particular is so easy to be nice to, she is so gracious and well spoken, kind and patient, not to mention easy to photograph. J you are a natural beauty. Thanks again. We got some GREAT pictures. I am just putting up my two favorite from the shoot... 


  1. lol...youre too sweet!
    Thanks again! They seriously turned out SO cute and it was a lot of fun, Im glad we did them! :)
    The second one you posted is one of my VERY favorites ones that Ive seen too!!

  2. I love the top one so much because you werent posed... and you had your guard down and A is being herself! I looks so natural and REAL to me!

  3. lol...true :) I just dont like it because I look like a turtle with my neck down and sticking my belly up to her lol *wink*
    Her face is gorgeous in that one though!

  4. U do NOT look like a turtle, u look ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL